• Anonymity

    Your survey response are recorded anonymously. We do not collect any data that could be used for identification. Read more in how quickly does lasix work.

  • How do I enter the competition?

    After your survey response has been recorded, you will be directed to the competition form. Fill in your contact information in the competition form to join the competition. This do not affect the anonymity of your survey response.

  • Is data shared with any external party?

    No individual data will be handed over to any third party, except for consultants who work in direct connection with delivering the survey experience and/or perform the data analysis. Your survey response is handled strictly confidential.

  • Who may take part in this survey?

    Anyone who works professionally with DIT or data management services and clients who buys DIT & data management services.

  • When is the last date to take the survey?

    The data collection will close on 2017-10-30, after that date, you will not be able to take part in the survey.

  • Why are you collecting information through this survey?

    The information collected through this survey will be used to put together a report that will be freely available, at no cost, to anyone on the website www.theditsurvey.org.

    We believe that it may be in the industry’s interest to have this information at hand. 

  • Who founded this initiative?

    Philip Bengtsson (DIT) and his company DIT Gear AB founded this initiative to serve the industry’s interest of making it easier to educate people on the role of the DIT & data manager.